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I’m a super busy, middle-aged wife, and mother of five funny, active kids. By nature I’m shyish and don’t like to put myself out there. Nutrition has been the biggest source of turmoil and confusion in my life. What was my weakness had become a source of great strength. Finding daily progress along what was a dark path has illuminated my understanding of the purpose and beauty of my body. Helping others to shine their light as they heal their bodies brings me great joy! 


Hi, I'm Sandi Rae!



An emotionally-charged exploration of fundamental wellness practices.



The classes define the terms function and fitness while checking off daily "gym time".



Each Wednesday night at 7 pm,
a one-hour class on myofascial manipulation


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By applying true principles of appreciation for our bodies in the form of how we fuel them, will illuminate our understanding of the link between our physical body and our divine identity. My only objective in sharing the ideas and knowledge I’ve gained is to help free others from the bondage where we unwittingly find ourselves, our families, and loved ones. Bondage from improper eating habits, and mismanagement of this beautiful gift. Bondage like: sickness, emotional problems, fatigue, low self esteem, etc. This bondage keeps us from being who we are meant to become. I have first hand experience with that kind of bondage. I’m here to be a witness that the sweetness of freedom only come from one source and it is sweeter than anything we can bake. Although it may seems abstract, by learning to fuel the body we Illuminate the soul! 

Nourish your body. feed your soul.

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With so many choices and conflicting information out there, it can feel really confusing and complex to know how to feed yourself and your family well. However, I’m here to help you make it super simple!

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-Jen Gull

"I started Elibrium with aches and pains. Learning how our body works and how to functionally move has opened my eyes. Those previous pains are now gone. I can now see how food really effects our bodies and how it makes us feel... Elibrium has taught me self love - That has changed my life in a huge way!"

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