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I don’t believe in diets..I think dieting causes confusion about the real purpose of our bodies.

On the flip side, action-based appreciation builds beautiful confidence illuminating us from the inside out, putting us in touch with our true identity. 

The path to illuminate nutrition is one that begins with honest self evaluation and follows with behavioral modifications which prioritize and demonstrate love and reverence for the gift of the body. We gain understanding about basic chemical needs of the human body, the environmental requirements of the digestive system, as well as filling the gaps with regard to hormonal function. This is a systematic approach to understanding plant based nutrition.

Illuminated fitness participants will learn first the specific actions which will bring awareness to their unique relationship with their own body and with their environment. After being enlightened through the process of honest evaluation a customized integration of fundamental fitness principles will be established. Illuminated fitness uses the principles and practice of human biomechanics; originating from the structural integrity established through the application of active posture.

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Elibrium is a business built on whole wellness. We know that wellness cannot be defined in superficial terms. It is the harmonious interplay of spiritual truth, mental awareness, and physical movement. 

about sandi's work

Co-founder and co-creator of Elibrium Wellness.

Training with Sandi, Josh and the Elibrium staff awakens the body with new sensory understanding. The Elibrium foundation is built on reverence and founded on appreciation and love for our amazing bodies.

Learning the principles of posture, nutrition and optimal movement from a team of specialists who live to search out truth and guide individuals to purpose and passion with every breath is an experience that infuses every step of life with meaning. It is a remarkable journey you don’t want to miss. 

About Elibrium Wellness