Learning the principles of posture, nutrition and optimal movement from a team of specialists who live to search out truth and guide individuals to purpose and passion with every breath is an experience that infuses every step of life with meaning. It is a remarkable journey you do not want to miss.

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—Brandy Anderson

       Josh and Sandi have given me strength and knowledge that I am forever grateful for. I feel physically stronger, but more importantly, I have more respect for my body and what a gift it truly is. I can’t tell you the impact for good it has had on me as a wife and mother. I am forever grateful for the lessons learned through Elibrium Fitness. 

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Founded on principles of everlasting truth concerning the management of the body. That truth being; You have the power to create change. You can improve at any stage of life. You can build real, lasting confidence. You can overcome addiction, understand, and heal your pain.

You can truly shine!
We can help illuminate the path on your journey to wellness.

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