Join us as we honestly consider the power and perspective inherent in proper posture and nutrition practices. Sandi and the Elibrium team will teach you the simple, practical approach to personal and family meal planning and preparation that will help you manage your time, resources, and create daily healthy habits,

September 11-13. Beginning at 7 pm each evening, these classes will run approx. 90 minutes each,

$100 per student

feed your soul workshop

These classes, taught Monday through Thursday, properly define the terms function and fitness. Limited space available in 5 am, 6 am, 8 am, and 9 am classes.

Students learn the biological and
bio-mechanical movement systems while checking off "gym time" on their daily
to-do list.

$150 per month.

illuminated fitness training

Each Wednesday night at 7 pm Elibrium Fitness is offering a one-hour class providing thorough instruction in the practice of myofascial manipulation.

These courses give a brief overview of the methodology and modalities used by Elibrium Fitness in both group as well as private training sessions while giving particular attention to one of the key elements in each and every training program we offer, myofascial release.

$10 per student

MFR Training Class

Training with Sandi, Josh and the Elibrium staff awakens the body with new sensory understanding. The Elibrium foundation is built on reverence and founded on appreciation and love for our amazing bodies.

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