Stand Uprightly

Navigating the sea of information available to you in the world of nutrition can be overwhelming. Answer all your questions here in a practical, hands on workshop that will empower your navigation skills and increase your ability to succeed in providing health through greater understanding of the functions of the body.


Class members will be taught in a structured class Monday through Thursday and can expect to be educated and become proficient in the proper functional use of equipment such as kettlebells, clubbells, steel maces, battle ropes, barbells, dumbbells, compressed pulley machines, bands, and most importantly, the the dynamically amazing body.

group coaching

A private consultation gives individuals an opportunity to be lovingly introspective. Consulting wtith Elibrium specialists is the best way to identify areas of your current lifestyle which need an increase in appreciation and a shift in behavior. Our unique understanding on the movement of life and on human behavioral response to these movements provides clients with an illuminated perspective; one which continually changes the lives of our clients.


work with me

-Brandy Anderson

         Josh and Sandi have given me strength and knowledge that I am forever grateful for. I feel physically stronger, but more importantly, I have more respect for my body and what it truly is. I can't tell you the impact for good it has had on me as a wife and mother. I am forever grateful for the lessons learned through Elibrium Fitness.

-Sue Hailstone

         After years of bootcamp and cross-fit type exercising, my body was broken down to the point where I could no longer exercise at all. I was in constant fear of my back going out, my feet hurt so bad I could hardly walk, and then my knees started to go. Fitness instructors didn't have answers, doctors were willing to prescribe plenty of anti-inflammatory prescriptions, cortisone injections, and surgical remedies. Chiropractic care was helpful but not long lasting. 

I was so blessed to discover Elibrium and finally learn the correct principles of movement... The way I know to move now has changed my life! I no longer live in fear of movement and am progressing towards activities I haven't been able to do in years!

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